Laiya Resorts

laiya beach, batangas
Laiya beaches in San Juan, Batangas

The Philippines resorts in Batangas are a must-visit destination. Laiya resorts are a series of beautiful beaches lined up in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas in the southern part of Luzon island of the Philippines. Aside from the highly rated Acuatico Beach Resort, other resorts that form part of the Laiya beach chain are the Palm Beach Resort, Laiya White Cove, Moonlight Beach Resort, Blue Coral Beach Resort, One Laiya, Kabayan Beach Resort and La Luz Beach Resort.

Acuatico Beach Resort

acuatico-beach-resortOne famous Laiya resort is the Acuatico Beach Resort that opened in 2008 and is considered a perfect destination and exclusive escape from the daily grind. This beach resort features 21 beachfront rooms and villas which provide a high level of privacy, top notch amenities, modern facilities and exceptional services. The resort also boasts an infinity pool that looks like a converging path to the sapphire sea and to which a wide range of activities can be enjoyed by both adults and the young.

Blue Coral Beach Resort

The Blue Coral Beach Resort offers unique tropical spacious rooms and suites provided with basic amenities for total relaxation. The fine sand and calm waters of this beach also provide a very relaxing effect for vacationers.

Palm Beach Resort

Palm Beach Resort is one of the Laiya resorts, It is a family-oriented resort exactly located in Barrio Hugom in San Juan, Batangas. This beach is a private retreat for those who wish for tranquility and peace within a preserved natural setting as an escape from overdeveloped places.

Laiya White Cove

Laiya White Cove is a 1.5-hectare private compound popular with its white sand beaches, calm blue waters and surrounding fishing villages. The waters of the cove are rich in marine life to which makes snorkeling activities very enjoyable. The periphery of the beach offers great scenic views of the coconut groves, hardwood forest, and wild life.

Moonlight Beach Resort

Moonlight Beach Resort is a tropical paradise of white sand beaches and safe clear sea water.

La Luz Beach Resort

La Luz is a paradise resort. It was given an award for excellence in 2013 due to its fine services and amenities.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your itinerary for your summer vacation and put Laiya beach destinations on your list.