Ayala Museum

The Ayala Museum

In the business district of Makati, you can find the Ayala museum, a museum of history and fine arts. The museum is located at the corner of Dela Rosa Street and Makati Avenue in the progressive city of Makati. It is one of the most significant private establishments in terms of Philippine culture and arts. It is also a must-see travel destination in the Philippines.

Permanent fixtures exhibited in the museum are the diorama experience which consists of sixty handcrafted dioramas that form the core of the museum’s historical items while manifesting the rich identity of Philippine history.

The exhibition provides a collection of significant events and themes from prehistoric ages up to the Philippine Independence promulgated by the United States in 1946. As a highlight, the exhibition also depicts the famous People Power of 1986 in a multimedia presentation showing the events leading to the peaceful EDSA People Power revolution against the Marcos regime.

On the occasion of the 25th-year anniversary of the assassination of former senator Benigno S. Aguino Jr. (husband of the late ex-President Corazon Aquino and father of the present leader of the Philippines, Noynoy Aquino) the multimedia exhibition is displayed as a testament of the Filipino unity and strength.

The Ayala Museum also features the rich contribution to Philippine arts through the works of Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo and Fernando Zobel spanning from late 19th century up to the 20th century.

An exhibition of thousands of gold objects provides us a glimpse of the appealing culture of the Philippines prior to its colonization in the 16th century. These gold items were recovered between the 10th and 13th centuries where a lot of Chinese export ceramics existed. Five hundred of these ceramic items from China and Southeast Asian countries are also in display at the museum.

The museum also features special attractions aside from the permanent fixtures. There are times when the museum exhibits works of young visual artist, major art pieces borrowed from private and foreign collectors, ethnographic items and historical pictures as well.

The Ayala museum also hosts special events such as conferences, cocktails, open air concerts and dinner receptions in its elegant lobby, modern conference rooms, glass type gallery and a plaza surrounded by the Zen-inspired garden.

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