Philippine Food

It’s hard to tell which region has the best Philippine food. There’s just one thing you can do — sample the food and tell the difference among the most popular dishes in the country.

For a teaser, try the “halo-halo” in summer. This is exactly what Anthony Bourdain did when he visited the Philippines. Watch this youtube video from Discovery Channel Southeast Asia.

Eighteen regions, eighty-seven dialects, one national language, and, of course, a diverse collection of Filipino cuisine. This is probably because every region in the Philippines has its own resources. Another reason is that the Philippine cuisine was largely influenced by several cultures, from neighboring Asia, Europe, and America.

You will surely appreciate the Filipino hospitality when it comes to food! There are always unique dishes to offer the local and foreign diners. Local restaurants offering authentic dishes offer Spanish-inspired dining experience. For example, an array of dishes inspired by Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere can be found in a street in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Maybe you want to sample them.

When planning your travel, consider your food destinations, too and enjoy the unique taste of Filipino food.

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