10 Insanely Delicious Filipino Pork Dishes You Must Try

Pork recipes are one of, if not, the most loved food recipes by the Filipinos. Pork has long been common in Philippine cuisines. Many dishes have pork as its main ingredient. The main reason can be that pork is cheaper than beef and it is considered a cheap protein source just next to fish and eggs. Aside from chicken, no other meats are eaten as much regularly by Filipinos than pork.

Aside from chicken, no other meats are eaten as much regularly by Filipinos than pork. Here are 10 insanely delicious Filipino pork dishes that you shouldn’t miss to taste!

Lechon (Roasted pig suckling)

lechon-filipino-pork-dishLechon is easily a top Filipino pork dish, aside from the famous adobo, of course! It is the most recognizable pork dish in the Philippines. It is usually served as the main dish for a special occasion, more particularly, in feasts (fiestas) and birthday parties.

However, preparation of this dish is not easy. In barrios, a seasoned whole pig is skewered on a long bamboo stick. The stick is secured from near its ends by crossing sticks to settle the uncooked pig horizontally over burned charcoal. The stick is constantly rotated in a rotisserie manner to evenly cook the entire pig. Roasting may last for about 3 to 5 hours. The cooking results in a tasty lechon with crispy pork skin.

A dip in a special lechon sarsa or sauce makes this dish even tastier.

In urban areas, the dish is available from famous lechon makers but at a really costly price.

Pork sinigang

This pork stew uses the tasty pork belly as its main ingredient. Although outer pork parts such as pork shoulder and pork loin may be cut into 1.5 inch sizes.

The Sinigang is prepared to be sour through a sampaloc or tamarind mix or with traditional ingredients such as kamias, guava, mango and even watermelon!

The other ingredients of the soup are all vegetables. These are okra, daikon radish, snake beans, kangkong (water spinach) and green chili peppers.

Pork dinuguan (Pork blood stew)

pork-dinuguan-filipino-dishPork Dinuguan is a savory stew that includes pig internal organs simmered in pig blood and flavored with garlic, chili, and vinegar.

The pig organs used for dinuguan can be pig kidneys, intestines, ears, snout, lungs as well as pig heart. The most important ingredient in this menu is the pig’s blood.

However, choice cuts of pork can also be used instead of the pig’s internal organs.


pork-sisig-philippine-dishSisig is a very tasty Filipino dish made out of parts of the pig’s head as well as liver seasoned with chili peppers and calamansi  (lemon) juice, chopped onions, and vinegar.

The dish originated in the province of Pampanga in Luzon.

It is usually served on a sizzling plate and is topped with a sunny side egg. The hot plate serving makes this recipe crispier.

Prior to serving, the pig’s head is boiled to remove hairs and to tenderize it. The head portions are chopped into small pieces prior to grilling.

Variations of sisig include chicharon or pork cracklings which add to its crispy bite.

Crispy pata

crispy-pata-pork-dishCrispy Pata or pork leg is a famous pulutan or a dish that goes well with alcoholic drinks. However, it is also a good viand match with rice.

Crispy Pata is a deep-fried pork leg. It results in a crispy skin but soft meat.

The dish is made more delicious when dipped in soy sauce combined with vinegar and diced garlic.

Pork menudo

Menudo consisting of sliced pork and calf liver mixed in tomato sauce.

The traditional Filipino tomato-based stew is made colorful and more nutritious with the inclusion of diced potatoes, green peas, cubic carrots and sliced red hotdogs.

Sun-dried raisins and garbanzos can also be added.

Pork tocino (Sweet cured pork)

pork-tocino-philippine-dishPork tocino is considered one of the most loved Filipino pork dishes. It is prepared similarly to ham and bacon.

Tocino is reddish in color and is cured sweet pork which can be cooked through frying in a pan.

Pork salpicao

This is a simple Filipino recipe with pork as its primary ingredient. The pork cuts are sauteed and cooked together with mushrooms, spices and an oyster sauce.

Pork binagoongan

I consider Pork Binagoongan a personal favorite. It is easy and quick to cook.

The dish is a little sour, salty, sweet and spicy.  Stewed pork is sauteed in tomato, onion, garlic, chili pepper and bagoong or shrimp paste.

Sweet and sour pork

Sweet and sour pork is originally a Chinese dish but a favorite among Filipinos.

Sliced pork cut into serving pieces are marinated and dredged in cornstarch or flour and then deep fried to golden and crisp form. The fried finish is mixed with a sweet and sour sauce made out of rice vinegar, brown sugar, and ketchup. For a healthier variation, the dish is topped with carrots, bell peppers, and pineapples.