Mindanao, Nice & Spicy Delicacies

Philippine food from Mindanao is largely influenced by Malay and East Asian food. It is located just a few hours away from Malaysian and Indonesian shores, with the bountiful seas in between. Spices from these countries such as turmeric, curry, and lemongrass can be had, too in Mindanao.


Seafood is basic to Mindanao cuisine. A seafood platter, which includes a mix of raw, fried, and grilled seafood and a variety of local sauces is always found in any restaurant in town.Snacks can be ginger and lemongrass soups. They also have coconut and papaya dishes.

Zamboanga adobo

Adobo, maybe a favorite Filipino recipe has an unusual variation from Mindanao. Zamboanga’s adobo, for example, is made with creamy coconut milk for flavor.

Other regions in Mindanao serve it with bananas, papaya, or other tropical fruits.

Food can make your Philippine travel to the exotic island Mindanao more fun and memorable. Here are some of the favorite regional delicacies and exotic food of Mindanao.

  • Durian