Bulacan & Pampanga, Home of Native Filipino Desserts & Exotic Foods

Where are the best places in to taste native delicacies and exotic Filipino foods? Come to Bulacan & Pampanga.

If you’re looking for Filipino desserts recipes, Central Luzon offers you its staple products of rice and sugar.

So sweet , so sour, so chicken!

These sum up what Bulacan cuisine is all about!

The place is popular for native desserts usually made from rice flour like sapin-sapin, suman, kutchinta, and ube halaya (purple yam) . You can also taste the famous pastillas de leche.

Taste their pork rinds or chicharon, too.

In Bulacan, the popular meat dishes include pinaupong manok, galantina (chicken rolls), and pot roast.

Pampanga, the Culinary Capital of PH

Pampanga is known for a favorite Filipino recipe of cured meat. Pampanga dishes are seasoned with sweet sauces or fermented in sugar. The best example is tocino which is a popular breakfast often eaten together with fried rice and salted fish.

Pampangan delicacies consist of meat and seafood preserves specialty. Crabs, milkfish, and shellfish are fermented in buro or rice sauce giving it a strong, smoky flavor.

Exotic foods like fermented frogs and mole crickets mostly served on public occasions are some of the region’s unusual treat.