Guimaras, Charming Island Beaches, Sweet Mangoes & More

Despite being known as one of the smallest islands in the country, Guimaras is a place that draws both foreign and domestic tourists. Mainly because of its breathtaking beaches, waterfalls, marine sanctuaries, and offshore islets. And of course, its world-famous mangoes which (if you aren’t aware of) are also served in The White House and in Buckingham Palace.

The gateway to this charming spot is the province of Iloilo. Guimaras is an island in the Western Visayas region. Its capital is Jordan, located in the Panay Gulf, between Panay and Negros.

Here are a few local destinations to pump up your stay in this little island paradise.

Sit back and relax at Alobijod Cove Resort

There’s no better way to enjoy the art of doing nothing but by doing nothing!  Alobijod (Alubihod) Cove Resort is perfect for this. Nothing beats a tranquil ambiance offered by this getaway place.

Rooms are air-conditioned, clean and spacious. A day’s rent for a cottage with two beds is between 1,600 to 1,800 PHP. That’s true value for money!

Not to mention, the powdery-white sands leading to the beach awaiting right outside the doorstep. What more can you ask for?

Explore more of nature’s wonders at Taklong Island National Marine Reserve

Guimaras BeachTo see more of Guimaras’ wonders, this place is best to check out! Not only can you admire amazing mangrove plants, you can even chance upon secluded yet charming beaches with abundant marine life.

And did I mention powdery-white sands again? Yes, you bet! It’s consistent on the island and that makes it delightful!

So go swim and snorkel to your heart’s content! But first, climb the tower to register, donate, and then, you have all the time to have fun in this sanctuary!

Take a step back in time at Roca Encantada

This turn-of-the-century structure atop a hill is one of Guimaras’ famous landmarks. Known as a summer house owned by the Lopez clan, this structure was built in 1910 in honor of Dona Presentacion Hofilena Lopez.

The idyllic mansion located in the town of Buenavista is a heritage site.

With its imposing interior and grand balconies, one can take in the majestic view of the Iloilo Strait. This stretches to the Las Islas De Siete Pecados not far from its coastline.

It is definitely worth a visit especially for those who love visiting historical abodes

Work those glutes and climb up the Guisi Lighthouse

Since eating a lot is a definite part of a vacation, you might as well burn the calories from all the food you have stuffed yourself. So why not hit two birds with one stone? How?

Get a work out as you continue to immerse in the beauty of Guimaras by visiting the Guisi Lighthouse. This tourist spot is the second oldest lighthouse in the country. The 18th century Spanish lighthouse or “parola” is called Faro de Punta Luzaran.

You can find this majestic landmark at the Guisi Point in Dolores , Nueva Valencia.

Find serenity at The Trappist Monastery

Take a break from history and nature. Check out the Trappist Monastery in the capital of Jordan. Monks of the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance run this sacred enclave. They follow the rule of St. Benedict. They are best known for the extreme austerity in their discipline.

Explore the monastery grounds or have a chit-chat with the nuns and monks. They can share wise thoughts to contemplate on as you spend time in this peaceful spot.

Surely, there are more to discover other than sweet mangoes in this small island paradise. So book a ticket and let the adventure begin!