Boracay Island is one of the most-visited Philippine travel destinations. Find out what makes it stand out among other beach vacation spots in the Philippines.

Among the 7,100 islands of the Philippine archipelago, you’d figure there be at least 7,100 beaches to visit. And truth be told there are probably more. But what sets Boracay, once a quiet and sleepy island, apart from other beaches in the Philippines is its fine white sand beaches, lively bars, and exclusive resorts that are located around this virtual tropical paradise.

How to get there

The island beach is located off the coast of Aklan, accessible by 45-minute boat-ride from the port of Caticlan. Now to get to this port from Manila you’d have to catch a plane to Caticlan, then another shuttle or bus to the port.
• The plane ride will take less than 45 minutes and the shuttle ride about 30 to 45 minutes.
• If you’re not in a hurry, you can also ride a ferry from the port of Manila to Aklan, this will take about 16-18 hours, then a shuttle of about an hour to the port.
The plane ride is faster but the ferry ride is more fun!

Where to stay

During the off peak season of about June to September, you can go to the island beach without a reservation and choose from the myriad of places to stay at, you’ve got a 5-star hotel like the Shangri-La, the 5-star resorts like Mandala Spa or you could choose among the numerous smaller and cheaper hotels. Be sure to get off at what they call Station One, it’s got places fronting the beach and are closer to the bars and party places. For the smaller hotels you can even probably try to haggle the price of your stay, so long as you plan to haunt the white beach vacation for more than 3 days.

These all changes during the peak season which is basically the rest of the year. During the months of March to May, the island fills up with local visitors usually from Manila or Cebu who take the time off from work or school to soak up the rays and enjoy the sands.

For other months, the island is a travel destination to many foreigners looking to escape the colder climates of their home countries. During the peak season, it would be wise to go online before hand and get a reservation from a hotel or beach resort, some even offer pick up and transfer services to and from the island the airport.

Best time to go to Boracay

Your hotel and accommodation as well as white beach vacation packages will depend on the time of the year you will visit the island.

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The perfect time to visit the white beaches in the island is between December to April, although expect a huge crowd during Christmas and Lenten seasons in the Philippines.
• Peak Season – October to May
• Off-Peak Season – June to September

Discover the many fun activities you can do in Boracay, whether you are vacationing with friends or families.