Makati, Metro Manila’s Financial Center

If there is one city in the Philippines where one wants to hangout for good food and nightlife, Makati is the place to be.

Makati city is the financial center of the country where local and multinational corporations are based. It is also considered as a major entertainment and cultural part of Metro Manila. Large shopping malls such as the Landmark, ShoeMart Makati, Glorietta and Greenbelt are just stone’s throw away from each other and within the commercial district. In these malls you can find the best restaurants, bars and entertainment centers not only in Metro Manila but in the entire archipelago.


Greenbelt mall houses 5 mall sections and includes the picturesque Greenbelt Park, Greenbelt Chapel and Ayala museum.

The Greenbelt mall sections boast of high end botiques such as Emporio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Rolex, Ferragamo, Bulgari, Hugo Boss, Kenneth Cole, Marks & Spencer, Tommy Hilfiger, Yves Saint Laurent, Anne Klein to name a few as well as high end restaurants and cafes that cater to different cultures such as Sala (European), Chilis, L’Incontro (Italian), Chihuahua (Mexican), Lusso (European), BurgerBar (American), Chops Chicago Steakhouse, Gilak by Hossein (Middle Eastern, Indian), Felix (Asian), Peking Garden (Chinese), Cyma (Greek), Capricciosa (Italian), Sugi (Japanese), Le Petite Camille (Vietnamese) also to name a few.


Glorietta mall also boasts of multiple shopping boutiques and restaurants located around a single activity center where happenings such as mini concerts, sports competitions, book signings, sale activities, modelling shows, live TV shows take place.

ShoeMart Makati is a large shopping center that sell items at an affordable price and also includes a foodcourt and a grocery.

The Ayala Center is surrounded by many five star hotels such as the Manila Peninsula, Mandarin Hotel, Raffols Hotel and Shrangila Hotel along Makati Avenue, The Rennaisance Hotel and Dusit Hotel along Pasay Road and the Intecontinental Hotel along EDSA Makati.

Nightlife in Makati

Places to hang around with friends and family abound in Makati.

Amorsolo street boasts of night clubs or KTV clubs such as Pharaoh, Before and After, Club Creekside that cater to adult men.

Burgos St. which branches from Makati Avenue also boasts of a lot of girlie clubs, KTV bars, spas and massage parlors that will make the male adult really happy.

Jupiter street in Makati boasts of good restaurants as well as numerous family KTV (karaoke) bars with affordable prices.

Murphy’s bar in Esteban St. within Legaspi Villge is a sports bar where most foreigners watch live sports shows including football games, boxing matches, the NBA, to name a few.

Hard Rock Cafe in Glorietta Mall offers cool beverages, pool table, fantastic assortment of food as well as the usual world renowned collection of rock memorabilias.

Handle Bar in Bel-Air village is a hardcore biker station for avid automotive enthusiasts.

Live bands in Makati can be enjoyed in Martinis in Mandarin Oriental Hotel which specializes in jazz acts.

Penguin Cafe is a music and arts bar in Kamagong Street.

RJ Bistro in Glorietta offers live contemporary music and is managed by Elvis fanatic Ramon Jacinto.

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