Manila Cultural Destinations

Many famous Manila cultural destinations are always included in the itinerary when traveling in the Philippines.

Manila, the center of Philippine’s sociocultural heritage, is among your first travel destinations.

Experience the rich Manila cultural destinations like Rizal Park, Manila Hotel, Liwasang Bonifacio and other cultural tourist spots.

The 300 years of Spanish colonization is still very much evident in the Filipino way of life, religious festivals, houses and churches, and cuisines. Here are some of the popular Manila cultural destinations.

Rizal Shrine

Rizal Park

The monument of Jose Rizal, the Philippine’s national hero, stands proud on the rhombic base of granite blocks and guarded by the loyal honor guards.It is a 50 ft high monument built in the early 1900s . The cast was actually done in Switzerland and supervised by Richard Kissling. The shrine is in Rizal Park or commonly known to the locales as “Luneta Park”.

Manila Hotel

Manila Hotel

Manila Hotel is one of the best hotels in Manila located in Rizal Park. Inspired by the urban design scheme of the American Colonial Period, it has always been a welcoming treat for all local visitors and foreign tourists alike.

Japanese Garden

Also located in Rizal Park, Manila, the 9000 square meters garden is a miniature Japanese garden. Trees, hedges, vines and rare foliage of local plants can be seen, too. Ornamental plants that are endemic to the Philippine flora can be found, too. It is the symbol of friendship and mutual understanding between the Japanese and the Filipino peoples.

Meban Garden

Meban Garden is the very first botanical garden in the Manila which is located near the Metropolitan Theater. The 2-hectare garden, which was put up by the Spanish Jesuits was left unkempt for centuries; was rejuvenated. Today the garden is kept green and clean. A three-century old narra tree stands on the foreground.

Liwasang Bonifacio

Liwasang Bonifacio Shrine

Located in Plaza Lawton,the Liwasang Bonifacio is dedicated to the hero Andres Bonifacio, the leader of the revolutionary movement against Spain. A huge Central Fountain Park of Manila is found within it. The place is also the site of many political rallies on international and local issues.

Manila Zoological Garden

The Manila Zoo is located along Mabini Street corner Quirino Avenue, Manila.It is a home to a collection of local and exotic African wild. The endangered indigenous Philippine Tamaraw and the Tarsier are among its local collections.

There are many more travel destinations in Manila that deserve your visit. Stay tuned for our next posts for more Manila and Philippine travel recommendations.

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