Sagada is a municipality located in the Mountain province at the northern part of Luzon island.

Sagada is famous for its hanging coffins which was a traditional way of the inhabitants of burying people. The practice involved placing dead relatives in caves after the burying individuals prepare a hollowed out log. The coffins were carved by the elderlies before they died. The people prefer to be buried in the cliffs than in the ground since this practice has been going on for more than 2000 years.

Sagada, famous for its hanging coffins

Hundreds of coffins lined up in some caves and provide a good sight for tourists to see.

To reach the mountain town, adventurers, nature lovers or tourists should make a very long trip by walking towards the Cordilleras or Cordillera mountains, passing through limestone cliffs, very high waterfalls and a variety of cave systems. Foreigners may venture on a different side of the Philippines far different from the usual beach resorts or tropical island paradise around the Philippines.

The municipality shows to the world a not-so-regular experience.
The trek will take you to Bomod-ok Falls which is a stunning falls as well as a trail through the world famous Banaue Rice Terraces. The vistas in Northern part are also a pleasure to visit. While in the mountains, you can witness the different traditions of the people including bonfires honoring their dead instead of lighting candles. You can also do fancy rock climbing from the limestone towers all over the town or go up a rope ladder inside the caves aside from viewing the hanging

You can also enjoy the cool waters of Bomod-ok falls.
Local tourism services offer budget tour packages including hostels to stay in that charge only Php 300 per person for a one night stay. Budget accommodations are offered by the Residential Lodge and George Guesthouse which have common dining areas for guests to interact.

You can get a tour guide from the Environmental Guide Association or the Sagada Genuine Guides Association to ensure safety when going through the trails in Echo Valley. Most of all the guides are very familiar with the route so as not to get lost. The Mountain Province can be reached by bus from Manila.

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