Bohol province has beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, the Chocolate Hills, and amazing food and the hospitable atmosphere and as such is one of the premier tourism destinations in the country. Places like Panglao, Pamilacan and Tagbilaran made the province an ideal destination for tourists and a few days around the province will certainly rejuvenate your mind and body.

Visit the wildlife, Spanish churches, beaches and the famous Chocolate Hills.

The island is one of the rice, vegetable and fruit baskets of Visayas and has recently become a world-class tourist destination due to the efforts of the local government and the entrepreneurial residents.

It has an airport in the provincial capital, Tagbilaran and the three local carriers have regular flights to the island. Philippine Airlines has 3 daily flights from Manila with economy rates at P1,864.00++. Cebu Pacific flights usually cost around P1,400.00. Lastly, Zest Airways also has a daily flight to the island, usually at P1,500++.

UPDATE: It’s Still Safe to Visit Bohol!
After the October 15, 2013 earthquake that devastated Bohol, its local tourism is getting back on its feet as it opens several of tourist destinations to the public . Tour agencies and local tourism are planning to redesign the island’s tour packages and add the quake ruins to its historical attraction. Tourism has been a major source of income to many of its residents.

You have two options to get to there: by boat or by plane.

If you’re coming from Cebu, you can also take a fast water craft to Tagbilaran for P500.00. Just make sure that the weather isn’t stormy or else you’ll be in for a rough ride.

Where to stay

Once in the island, you can visit the provincial capital, Tagbilaran, where you can find a number of excellent hotels, hostels, and inns which will suit your preference and budget. If you’re looking for resorts then Panglao Island is your destination.

If you’re on a budget and just need a room for sleeping since you intend to spend most of the day traveling around the province, the city has enough traveler’s inns and pension houses to fit your budget.

  • You can try Nisa Traveler’s Inn located in Tagbilaran where rooms cost anywhere between P900.00-P1,200.00 a night. Nisa doesn’t have the best facilities or amenities but their rooms have aircon, showers and a television, plus they can help you arrange transportation for your trip around the province.
  • One of the best places you can stay at in Tagbilaran is the Bohol Tropics, it’s really more of a resort with good rooms and amenities. Room rates are somewhere around P2,150.00 to P05,350.00 per night.
  • If you’re looking for just a real hotel type of place that’s in-between the travellers’ inn and the resort then MetroCentre Hotel is your pick. It is located at the heart of Tagbilaran with complete amenities. The rooms are between P1,400.00 to P7,950.00 and include continental breakfast.


If you get hungry, the province has a number of notable dining places but if you want something different, you can have lunch at the Loboc River on a bamboo barge. The buffet meal which costs around P300.00 can be taken as the barge flows calmly down the river and if you’re lucky, musicians will also be playing catchy natives tunes while you dine.

There are also a number of small restaurants and food places you might want to visit to experience native Boholano cuisine. But if you’re not into the sort of thing, Tagbilaran has a number of commercial fast-food establishments to suit your needs.

Travel tips

Since the island has become such a destination for local and foreign tourists, a few bad apples are bound to come up. First of all, the food stalls in the Tagbilaran Pier are over-priced so be sure to ask for the prices before ordering anything. If you get the services of a driver and his van for a tour around the province, be sure to have the agreement written down on paper and have them sign it so they don’t jack up the prices last minute.

Months of peak season are usually on December, January, April,
May and October.