Ilocos Region


The Ilocos Region can be found in the northwestern part of Luzon. This is bounded by Cagayan Valley and Cordillera Administrative Region in the east, Central Luzon on the south and the South China Sea in the west.

Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, Pangasinan, La Union, and Dagupan City are the provinces in Ilocos Region. Most of the region’s occupants are 70% Ilocanos and 28% Pangansinenses.


Most residents speak Ilocano which is considered as the third spoken dialect in the Philippines while some speak Pangasinense.

Climate and weather conditions

Ilocos region has extreme weather conditions considering that the area is prone to typhoons especially in the wet months but is extremely hot in the dry season.

Salt, milkfish & authentic dishes

Ilocano delicacies are known for its salty taste. There is, in fact, a barangay or district that is named after salt or asin in Pangasinan.

Fish preservation in this region is done by drying fish in the sun (daing) and creating the fish sauce (patis) or paste (bagoong) with the fermentation process.

Milkfish is one of the products in the region. Be part of a festival in one of its provinces, the Dagupan Bangus or Milkfish Festival.

Ilocanos and Kapangpangan have popular dishes you should not miss. Bring home various delicacies from Ilocos Region.

Home of former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos

Ilocos Region is the homeland of the former president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos who held the longest presidential office for twenty years. He was known worldwide as the Martial Law President.

Places to go

Region 1 is famous among tourists for its historical sites, old Spanish houses, and beaches. Discover best places to travel while in Ilocos region.