Explore & Surf in Eastern Samar

Eastern Samar is a province located in the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines. The eastern part of Eastern Samar directly faces the Pacific Ocean while its southern part leads to the Leyte Gulf. Eastern Samar became a province in 1965.

Locals and tourists especially from Manila can reach the province through Borongan Airport located in the capital city of Borongan, Eastern Samar.

Popular Island Destinations in Eastern Samar

The coastal town of Guiuan was the first place in the country to be hit by the strongest typhoon ever recorded, Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda, in November 2013.

Even before the typhoon hit the town, tourism activities are centered in Guiuan town where the historical Homonhon Island as well as Calicoan Island are located. Rising from the ravages of Haiyan, Guiuan has managed to get back to promoting the beauty of its white sand beaches.

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Homonhon Island

A famous island at the southern part of the province is the Homonhon Island where Ferdinand Magellan first set foot in the country. Ferdinand Magellan is the Portuguese explorer who discovered the Philippines.

The 20-kilometer long Homonhon Island is rich in forests where tarsiers, considered the smallest monkeys in the world, are found.

The beach in Habag, Homonhon is something to look forward to when in Eastern, Samar.

Calicoan Island

Calicoan Island can be reached from Tacloban City through a two-hour bus ride.

This island has several white sand beaches defined by rocky bottoms. Six lagoons exist within forests at the middle of the island.

Multiple caves are located at the cliff side of the Calicoan forests. Wetlands blessed with abundant fish, shrimps and crabs exist at the northern tip of Calicoan Island.

Other places worth visiting in Eastern Samar are the following:

Linao Cave

The amazing Linao cave is situated in Sulangan Island at the southern tip of Calicoan. The enchanting cave is hidden within the tropical jungle of the island.

The peripheral area of the cave includes beautiful trees and has a wide opening at the top. The main feature of the cave is its astounding natural pool of crystal clear bluish water. A small opening at the back of the cave serves as an entry point towards the natural pool.

Pearl Island

This island is called Kantican Island. It is one of the popular tourist spots in Eastern Samar.

The tiny island has a pearl farm while the surrounding seas feature a rich marine life including lobsters, giant clams, abalones and a good variety of fishes and corals.

Divinubo Island

This ecotourism destination in Eastern Samar is located in Borongan. The shores of the island has vast white sand beaches, rock cliff boarders, abundant vegetation and different rock formations.

There are many caves to explore. Green tidal pools and lagoons are good places to swim. A lighthouse stands from the beach and provides a good view of the Pacific Ocean. A vast plantation of coconut trees also define the island.

Ando Island

Ando is another breathtaking island in Eastern Samar. This island has calm pools perfect for swimming, palm-fringed beaches and plenty of natural rock formations.

The seas around the island contains a variety of marine life including lots of fishes and corals. This makes it perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.

A main attraction but controversial place of Ando Island is the Sangat Cave. The cave has been known to be a dwelling area of supernatural beings. The cave contains bones of early human settlers.

Ban-awan Falls

This major attraction is located in the jungle area of mainland Eastern Samar.

It is considered the highest and most majestic falls in Eastern Samar. The strongly gushing falls provides a surreal sight from a very steep cliff. It also serves as a main source of water for the municipality of Lawaan.

A challenging trail leads to the Ban-awan Falls.

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