Mt. Province, Rice Terraces & Igorot Heritage

Mt. Province is a landlocked province north of Luzon. It is at the central part of the Cordillera Administrative Region or CAR which is only the landlocked region in the nation.

Mt. Province is predominantly 83% mountainous with only 17% hills and level areas. The province has numerous caves and waterfalls due to its mountainous terrain. It also has many rivers.

The rugged mountains and steep cliffs are mostly situated at the central and western portions of the province. The eastern portion has a sloping terrain.

The province has no city to boast but has 10 municipalities. Its capital is the municipality of Bontoc.

The major roads leading to Sagada are through Halsema Highway via Baguio city, and Dalton Pass or Banawe Bontoc Road through Nueva Vizcaya.

Public utility vehicles are available from Baguio to Sagada.

Magnificent Rice Terraces

Mt. Province is famous for its rice terraces which exist in seven towns. The most visited of the rice terraces in the Mt. Province is the Sagada Rice Terraces. These terraces are unique architectural masterpieces which were carefully hand-carved at the sides of the mountains thousands of years ago. The rice terraces resemble giant steps that form stairways towards the clouds.

Rice terraces in Banaue and Batad are considered wonders of the world but the Sagada Rice Terraces are magnificent landscapes as well.

The Banaue Rice Terraces are made of compacted soil while the rice terraces in Sagada are made of multiple layers of small rocks.

Other notable places to visit while in Mt. Province are the following:

The Hanging Coffins of Sagada

This place is an ancient Filipino burial site. The coffins are placed on projection beams and are suspended far up on the mountain sides of Sagada. The early people of Sagada did this so that the coffins would not be reached by wild animals and grave robbers.

The Hanging Coffins burial site can be reached by hiking along a slippery trail.

Aside from witnessing an ancient Asian burial custom, guests can have a scenic view of the valley below.

Sumaguing Cave

This cave in Sagada is also known as the “Big Cave” since it has the largest chambers among other caves in Mt. Province.

The main feature of the cave is its limestone formation which is considered a natural wonder. Small water pools also exist inside the cave.

Marlboro Country and Blue Hills

The Marlboro Country & Blue Hills in Sagada is perfect for sightseeing. The one and a half hour hike to the summit is worth the walk.

Visitors can have a good view of the Cordillera mountain range and take really good pictures of the scenery.

Guests can also witness amazing limestone formations, limestone cliffs and pine tree forest along the way towards the summit.

Bomod-ok Falls

The magnificent 200-meter high waterfalls is located at the northern part of Sagada. It features icy cold water. You can try and take a dip in the cold body of water at the lower portion of the falls.

Bontoc Museum

This museum is a 15-minute walk from the Bontoc town hall.

The museum is the best place to discover the beauty of the Igorot culture. The museum provides interesting information about the way of living of the Igorots as well as their heritage.

Mount Gotong

This mountain can be easily reached since it is located right in the capital town of Bontoc. It is exactly located in Alab Oriente village.

The 1000-step stairs will lead you to the top of the mountain. Climbing this mountain will give you the opportunity to know the best kept secrets of Bontoc Igorot’s heritage.

Your travel to the Mt. Province won’t be complete without some native delicacies and ethnic items that the Igorot tribesmen handcrafted.

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