Philippine Weather, Your Guide To A Fun Travel

If you are planning your Philippine travel, check the Philippine weather and find out the best time to visit the Philippines. It’s your barometer to a fun travel to this lovely country.

The Ph weather varies as months go by.

Rainy season

Kids frolick in the rain

The rainy season, which is probably the most annoying weather vary from monsoon rains, typhoons, intertropical convergence zones, and storms.

The rainy season in the Philippines is a pesky time of the year. Because of this season, the monsoon rains caused a lot of floods and flash floods in the city and landslides in the mountainous area of the country.

Rainy weather in the Philippines starts from June to October but sometimes extends up to November and slightly in December.

The usual cold weather in November and December has been replaced by showers and sometimes typhoons in November and December.

Waters in the rivers like the Pasig river, in esteros and in lakes like the Laguna de Bay rise at a very fast rate and flood the nearby towns and cities particularly the low-lying areas of Metro Manila like Marikina, Pasig, Manila, Taytay, Cainta to name a few.

During the rainy weather, excessive dam water is released. This can cause havoc and more high-level flood even in nearby provinces of Metro Manila like Bulacan. Because La Mesa Dam is located in Quezon City, residents and business suffer a lot from the release of dam water.

Do not plan your Philippine travel in September because it is the month when most destructive typhoons hit the country.

Typhoons can reach a maximum strength of 200-250 kilometers per hour and could wreck a lot of damage particularly on the eastern side of the Philippines and up to northern Luzon.

Summer season

Summer time is beach time!

Summer in the Philippines starts in March which is the beginning of school vacation. It’s just the perfect time when you and your friends can trek to the white beaches to cool your bodies and enjoy the heat of the sun. When summer ends in May, you must have had your body all tanned from the beach vacation.

The summer heat in the Philippines reaches a maximum temperature of 38 degrees and a low of 33 degrees. Quite hot indeed but bearable when compared with other parts of the worlds like in the Middle East.

But in Baguio City in the north of Luzon, summer temperature varies from 24 to at most 28 degrees which is still cold for the Filipinos.

The rest of the Philippines have the same temperature of summer heat. The summer season ends in June and is followed by the rainy season.

Cold months

The cold weather in the Philippines only lasts for two months in January and December. It is not considered too cold compared with other countries in Europe or in the North America.

Temperatures in January and February range from 22 to 32 degrees and rarely hit 18 to 21 degrees. This cold weather is the most preferred season for many since it relieves the country from floods as well as the scorching heat at the same time.

Traveling to the Philippines will surely be fun-filled if you check the Ph weather beforehand Check PAG-ASA website for an up-to-date weather forecast.

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