mimaropa-philippine-regionRegion IV-B or MIMAROPA is located right at the heart of the archipelago. This region is popularly referred as the Treasure Trove of Southern Luzon.

The region’s name is an acronym which stands for the first two letters of its regions such as Mindoro Occidental, Mindoro Oriental, Marinduque, Romblon, and Palawan. The region is composed of two cities- Calapan City in Oriental Mindoro and Puerto Princesa City in Palawan. Additionally, there are over 71 municipalities in the region.

Nowadays, an inter-island connection through the roll-on roll-off (RO-RO)  facilitating business and transportation to and from the provinces.



Almost 70% of the people in the Mimaropa speak Tagalog. Ilocano, Hiligaynon, and Kinaray-a are the other dialects in the region. The working residents can both speak and write in Filipino and English.

Places to go

Mimaropa is one of the busiest regions in terms of tourism, cornering more than its fair share of the total number of tourists that visit the country. The region is home to Palawan’s serene tropical beauty as well as Puerto Galera’s beautiful sunset and vibrant party scene.

Tourists who are looking for a rich dose of history and religion flock to Marinduque, the country’s Lenten capital. It is where the famous Moriones festival is held every year. Divers from all over the world seek the marine wonders of Occidental Mindoro’s Apo Reef. Mountain climbers will delight in exploring the challenging terrains of Mt. Guiting- Guiting in Romblon, as well as the unexplored and unspoiled beaches in the province.

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